It used to be mad love

Comic stating: it can be easy to assume that rich people are smart, but for me this was shattered by hearing Elizabeth Holmes THERANOS pitches.

1) while I understand the compelling desire to fit in with a male dominated industry/social norm and the human ear’s preference to deeper tones, this was straight up the voice you use to make fun of that one guy in your office who you think is a total doofus

2) since she is repeatedly praised including by Sonny as mastering Mandarin I am very curious if she also put on this tone then or if it was too difficult to mentally translate AND maintain the charade

Shitty comix #1, ConWOD

Things it was too difficult to articulate in a small comic strip:

  • I am not unhappy to be asked advice, I have hobbies because I enjoy them and want others to enjoy them. If you ask for advice, refuse it, and proceed to repeat what you were doing while condescending to the person with more experience, I hope you trip over weights someone didn’t re-rack
  • I do not expect a 2000 person expo to cater to me, but have helped w catering events and know it is not impossible to ask for a few allergy or alternative meals for requests. If this is a budget buster, consider not starting the open bar until 6pm for cost savings
  • Everything trendy has been done over and over again by someone else and building actual bonds with like minded people will make everyone involved happier and more fulfilled, but that takes way more time than posting on Instagram with a bunch of on-brand hashtags
  • It’s my understanding that bacon has always been kinda a trash cut of meat until Madison Ave convinced us it was part of a healthy breakfast