I’ve written before about having a personal finance phase, and maybe about being from a working class background. Something I always felt growing up that way was that it didn’t really matter if you worked really hard and saved up. It was like the universe knew that right when you almost had some things lined up to change jobs, or move, or go to school, and so a tire would blow out or your car explode (this happened to a friend) or your heat would go out in the winter.

I live across the country now with a desk job that I’ve been able to keep through the panini and I still feel like this, and like it won’t end even if I do things More Correctly.

Anyway. I hit a savings goal for maybe trading in my car and now there are expensive family medical care bills! I don’t even know if all this stupid work has made me able to cover it or just made me farther away and still unable to fix anything by throwing money at it!

At least I was able to get vaccinated.