an book: the female of the species

book cover for The Female of the Species, a novel by Mindy McGinnis, showing images with labels of a vixen (fox), cow (elephant), jill (maybe an opossum?), queen (cat), scribble I presume to be bitch (dog), and woman

I don’t feel like I’m actually at liberty to review YA or certain sorts of books on goodreads because, as much as I do enjoy the personal social aspect where I can talk with friends and acquaintances, I can feel the vibe that the greater social media has for some things. I also always wonder if an author who’s on it will see my reviews and feel bad. Sometimes I think I have coherent legitimate critique which I’m happy to put down but other times I’m just like, “this book was vaguely bad! do better!”

I know I’m still allowed to post those but I just don’t get the point. Maybe someone else would like this book just fine.

The core premise is something that I do find really appealing. One of the main characters (it cycles through I think five teenage narrators) is essentially dealing out vigilante justice after her sister was kidnapped and murdered. Howmstever, the writing has a lot of really oddly flat moments where the author a) seems to be trying to do exposition or explanation at the cost of interesting writing or plot movement and b) maybe isn’t great at getting into the heads of the characters.

Descriptions of the area and the various homes in town did feel realistic to rural, economically depressed areas. More time spent on this and on making the county an additional character might have gone a long way toward lending all of the other characters feel more alive.

love story

I guess this is just a t.swizzle blog but

I listened to the new version twice so that I could tell you this song absolutely still fuckin rips

The lyric video also made me realize how young and gangly she was at the time, the same way I have a vivid memory of seeing a photo of myself, laughing and holding a Guitar Hero controller in my parents’ house, years later and concluding that my head was too large for my body at the time. I had been a teenager and therefore perennially convinced I was a cow when the photo was taken.