everlasting job stoppers

I was thinking about this phrase, but as a stand-in for the feeling I get when someone says something that I can feel turning down a “potential friendship” dial in my brain.

Really, I was thinking about this while listening to the You’re Wrong About episode on Wayfair and trafficking, and the number of people I’ve unfollowed on social media because their response to any criticism of their conspiracy posts was roughly “OK fine sure this might not be true and the posts might be misleading and got taken down but this is very concerning so we should have an investigation and talk about it”. I think that actually bugged me more than the reposting, because I can understand the memetic nature of images on the internet. I think this is also my breakdown with the fandom of true crime despite my interest in true crime books and some podcasts: I am unwilling to opt-in to living in fear of getting stranger-murdered when I am aware that this is highly unlikely, and particularly I am unwilling to do this while dismissing any of the many fact-based prevention/reaction things I could do. (This is actually just directly @ the many people who told me they didn’t have time for a self defense class or even a seminar, but who continued to post inflammatory “but what about” news stories that implied we are all about to be kidnapped off the street in one Facebook true crime group I was in once. Are we all in immediate mortal danger, or are we probably fine because the crime rate is continuing to go down so we can go to happy hour instead of a martial arts class?)

This post doesn’t have a point I’m just trying to post more and put more of my thoughts down. Stream You’re Wrong About.