Reading: Kate Wagner for The Baffler no. 43

I am not sure if this is freely available to anyone to read, or if it is now how long it will remain open. If it is not at the time you click it I highly recommend subscribing to The Baffler.

Kate Wagner, of McMansion Hell internet fame, takes words out of my brain and refines them then puts them into this piece.

“Like many people my age and older, I miss the pre–social media internet. The new internet knows this, and it capitalizes on my nostalgia as it eats away at the old internet. It amounts to an unforeseen form of technological cannibalism.”

About Me

Quite frankly, I miss the Old Internet. While I maintain and appreciate social media, I hope to keep this blog largely anonymous and devoid of my real life persona or identity. I still remember dozens of internet friends I knew only by their blog handles and I think it granted a little bit of magic to everyday life: you knew their name, city, and a smattering of interests and hobbies that they were passionate about sharing but would sometimes realize with a start that you don’t know how they wear their hair or where they went to school.

So, here is a collection of data points about me as a form of introduction:

I still identify as goth despite a corporatized and lazy wardrobe and a huge Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande affinity. I am large, I contain multitudes.

I love plants and gardening;I am not good at it.

Many years ago I spent hours each week learning how to draw naked people. I’ve never worked at Starbucks. Now I am attempting to learn digital drawing for enhanced portability and neatness.

I like to read and am thankful that Goodreads exists to help me set goals and track books I’ve read but am skeptical of logging detailed reviews there, so perhaps they will find a home here.